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Stump Grinding and Removal Specialists in Simcoe County


A common problem with tree removal is stumps, especially with homeowners cutting their own trees down and leaving the stumps behind. Even with the tree being cut and there just being a stump left, there is always a small possibility that the tree will have shoots that could grow again into another tree or the stump becomes a breeding ground for smaller creatures. A good way to avoid this from happening is stump grinding to remove the possibility of there being any future problems.

Timber Tree Solutions is here to keep your landscape safe and beautiful. We take it right down to the stump and grind it 2 inches to 6 inches below ground. Our stump grinding and removal processes are quick, safe, and have a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. In case you have a stump in your backyard in Simcoe County and surrounding areas that you wish to haul out for good, we recommend you not to put it off any longer. Regain the space occupied by your tree stump with our stump grinding service. Call us today to schedule a service and get our advice on a new tree choice to plant in the previous tree's place. 

Stump Problems

One of the trickiest parts of tree removal is stumps. This is why many tree services are limited to cutting down the trees and leaving the stumps behind. Many stumps stay alive because of their widespread roots. They divert resources away from other plants and become a breeding ground for disease infestations. Our expert doesn’t believe in leaving stumps to rot in the ground to cause problems for property owners. We find stump removal to be the best way to avoid any hassles caused by the root system. While we can grind the stump also, getting it removed can make the area more aesthetically pleasing. We will advise you on the right tree to plant after getting your previous one removed.

Our Grinding Process

When you hire us for stump grinding, we use a robust machine for grinding the wood left from the stump into small chips, clearing the way for new soil and plant life. Our specialist ensures to provide you with the area to plant young trees, beautify your property, and keep your garden safe. Ensure a healthier ecosystem and a safer walkway, and minimize chances of infestations with our stump grinding service today. 

Safe Grinding, Efficient Removal

Schedule stump grinding service and make space for new saplings or just enjoy the free space.

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