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Tree Mitigation Solutions for Properties in Simcoe County and Surrounding Areas


When older homes and commercial constructions are torn down, the mature surrounding trees also get impacted. Timber Tree Solutions is your Simcoe County expert consultant for trees and landscapes. As part of our tree mitigation solutions, we provide landscape plan reviews, tree survey verifications, and on-site landscape inspections. 

We help you in the process of planting healthy trees after removing the unhealthy ones. We will let you know about your tree’s health, the risks related to it, its underlying issues like foliage or root problems, and if it needs pruning, removal, or anything else. Our specialist also answers any queries you may have at any point in the tree mitigation process. Please feel free to give us a call today if you’re interested in tree mitigation services. 

Why Tree Mitigation?

There are many reasons to keep tree mitigation measures in place for your residential, commercial and municipal construction. Here are a few:

Preventing tree canopy loss

Maintaining existing trees’ beauty

Maintaining the diversity of species

Conserving tree genetic resources

Consultation & Mitigation Services

Our consulting tree specialist is here to help you decide what’s best for your trees in a particular season or at a particular time. We can help you assess whether your trees require pruning, removal or any other maintenance. You can seek further information from our expert regarding a tree or trees being high-risk or low-risk, healthy or diseased, or having foliage or root issues. Connect with us today for a consultation.

Arboricultural Consulting

Let’s assess your trees and determine the best way to save or replace them. 

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