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Tree Risk Assessments in Simcoe County


Timber Tree Solutions provides tree assessment assessments to residential, commercial and municipal clients. Our tree assessment service includes arboricultural tree inspections, discussion of your concerns and explanations of any concepts relevant to your tree situation. After we assess your trees, we provide the right advice on pruning or removing trees depending upon the risk. Utilizing the best practices of tree risk assessment methods, we help you make a suitable tree plan for your landscape and environment. Get in touch with us today to book an expert tree risk assessment in Simcoe County and surrounding areas. 

ISA Standard Assessment

Our specialist understands the vitality of proper tree care and is committed to taking care of trees, nature and the people inhabiting the property. To achieve this, we assess trees for their health and safety using the ISA standard. This also helps us in deciding if future tree mitigations are required. 

Tree and Site Safety Inspections

At Timber Tree Solutions, we deliver qualified tree assessments to check if your tree or trees require pruning or removal. Whether for a residential, municipal or commercial property, we urge you to schedule your site assessment with our environmental expert. We do comprehensive site or location assessments and offer a quick turnaround to situations that warrant urgent action. Turn to us for hazardous tree and tree safety inspections and the right tree advice. 

Environmental Site Assessment

Take advantage of our quick turnaround service for your trees and site inspections.

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