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Safe and Smart Tree Removal Services in Simcoe County


An expert hand is vital in removing trees efficiently from a yard, garden, or your property's surrounding areas. Timber Tree Solutions provides safe and quick tree removal services in Simcoe County and surrounding areas. Our tree removal specialist first evaluates the location of the tree before going ahead with the tree removal process. We look thoroughly into property safety and do full tree analysis when required. Through our assessment and discussion with you, the customer, it is decided that the potential risk of keeping your tree is unsafe. We will prioritize removing it quickly to avoid harm to anyone in the vicinity and property damage. Our professionals work quickly, work smart and work hard. Always intent on learning and helping you with your green-scape visions. If you need emergency tree services, get in touch with us for a rapid response. We will give you a quote and remove what is needed hastily to keep your property safe.

Excellent Safety

We are committed to providing safe tree removal services to homeowners, business owners and municipal properties. We continually focus on accident prevention and have maintained excellent safety standards. Our tree removal specialist can remove almost all types of trees up to 80 feet tall. If you require safe and efficient tree removal services in Simcoe County and surrounding areas, please feel free to email us for a free quote or book a consultation. 

Transforming Your Landscape

When you book our tree removal service, we’ll strive to transform your landscape to good health and make your property safe by carefully laying your trees to rest. While completing your landscape vision, our specialist will do our best to protect your and surrounding structures, highly valuables, and property. We’ll leave your place neat and clean. Contact us today for your tree maintenance needs, and we’ll be happy to get back to you within 48 hours.  

Get Rid of Dead, Dangerous, or Unwanted Trees

You can connect with us for an on-site evaluation, and we’ll contact you within 48 hours.

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